Strengthening Reformer
Sherri Betz
Class 3129

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Sherri, as always a lovely class. Two quick questions I have bone loss 3.2 in lumbar spine is it okay to do the bridging you are doing? Also wanted to know about spacers?
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Hats off to Sherri! She always delivers a thorough and enjoyable class!! 🤗😄 Would also love to know about the toe spacers. Consistent re-training really helps the feet! (Ie mine!) 😝
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Great class Sherri! Great strength building for osteoporosis. I'm currently a pilates trainee so this is great insight for teaching clients with osteoporosis or osteopenia.
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Sherri, thank you for the great tips and queing. i took this class already twice and feeel great.. I have a few questions regarding the spring load. I am 45 and have been practicing footwork for years on 2 red 1 blue springs. and most of my clients do the same. Do you feel it is ok to train also people with no bone loss on 4 or 5 springs and train them like osteo clients in order to build bone? i started doing so and people love the challange and going out of their comfort zone. Also was wondering about the internal rotation FW . If someone has meniscus problems and a bit knocked knees will that position be contraindicated?
Hi Tamar,
Yes, I like to increase the load on everyone's lower body. As far as meniscal problems, as long as the femoral condyles are congruent with the Tibial plateau, then the Internal Rotation is usually fine. A valgus client often likes the IR position better!
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Hi Everyone,

Here are the links to the Bunion correctors/toe spacers from different vendors on Amazon. (My favorite) (Good if you have tenderness on the outside of the big toe over the bunion) (Great for an extra strong stretch for less than 2 hours during Yoga, Pilates class or a warm bath!)

Happy Bunion Fixing!
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Great Class Sherri. Loved that you were working with someone that wasn't perfect and exploring her body's strengths and weaknesses and adjusting the movements accordingly. Especially when you were noting what your objective was for the movement. So helpful. Lots of tools for my ever-growing toolbox! - On an administrative side, I don't see a Class # associated with this class. I use it to help me in my notes, to refer back to the class. I hope PA isn't doing away with them!!
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Jacquie ~ We are glad to hear that you enjoyed this class! We still have the numbers on the thumbnails for the classes with generic names such as "Mat Workout". The later classes have more specific titles which should make them easier to find. I hope this helps!
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Glad to see more bone safe programs!
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I so enjoyed this class, Sherri, Once I see your name, I know its going to be a super class with great cues, super teaching tips and great attention to detail!, thank you so much!
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