The Twist Deconstructed<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Tutorial 3134

The Twist Deconstructed
Rael Isacowitz
Tutorial 3134

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Thank you both for your demonstration. I would like to know what you see as the best starting position for the supporting hand? and how best to judge how far away the feet start? thanks!
Wow !!!!! thank you Rael :) I just fell in love with the twist all over again !
Thank both of you Rael and Sheri!! Useful tips, accurate explanation of the Twist and inspirational words of our mentor!! 😊
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Thanks so much for this Rael! You couldn't be more right in your passion and words. I have only done this on the mat and will now try ( probably take some time) to do this correctly on the reformer. Question, I am also hyperextended in my arms like your student demonstrating the twist on the mat is that ok to do or should we try to soften the elbow joint? Thanks so much!!
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Thank you so much Sheri and Rael . I love you both and learn a lot from you . Rael! you are my precious mentor. I love your passion and energy which always inspire me . Thank you !
Thank you Rael and Sheri it's an amazing and gracefull exercise. You performed it perfectly
Thank you all for your great comments. DJ I always use the same position of the arms and legs. The supporting arm, or in fact hand, is on the front shoulder rest. The top foot is placed on the back half of the foot bar and the bottom foot is placed passively on top of it. Both legs are straight. The other hand, which typically carries less weight is placed exactly opposite the hand on the shoulder rest and sits on the front edge of the carriage. For some people this may seem wide, as it appears it is for Sheri. For others it may seem narrow. But this is the nature of Pilates, no one body type is perfect of all exercises. If you are very short you may need to make adjustments by placing the non-supporting hand on the carriage rather than the front edge (as Sheri is tending to do). You can also bring the foot bar in closer if your reformer allows this adjustment. The BASI Systems bar adjusts so it can lift higher and come in closer. Good luck!
Ali Risdon thanks for your question. Hyperextending elbows and knees can certainly be a challenge to work with. 2 things I will say about hyperextension in general. The first is that I think it is a condition that is over corrected. I have met people that have zero to minimal hyperextension that are constantly told not to straighten there joints completely in order to avoid hyper extension. Also I would steer clear of a cue like "soften the elbow". We in fact do not want a soft elbow we want a straight but very firm elbow. We achieve this by using co-contraction of the elbow flexors and elbow extndors. Plus of course stabilization of the scapula. The same goes for the knee. Enjoy transitioning from the mat to the reformer!
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Thank you all so much . Love the a twist again and I will still work on the mat first .
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Thank you Rael, thank you Sheri! This is really a high level,wow! Great to see the accurate (slowly,aaaawww) demonstration and thank you for the inspiration words. Wow, I have respect now, but in the same moment I like to work on it. Great, thank you!
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