The Twist Deconstructed<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Tutorial 3134

The Twist Deconstructed
Rael Isacowitz
Tutorial 3134

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I wish I lived in Costa Mesa and you could be my personal Pilates instructor!
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Thanks, Rael and Sheri for an inspiring tutorial!
This tutorial alone explains every BASI teacher 's approach to movement on this website. Rael Isacowitz, is precise, inspiring, particular and always observant. Those of us who learned from him, try very hard to do the same. Thank you Rael!
Jill you are awesome - as always. Your support and drive to continue learning is a constant source of inspiration.
Kristi Cooper I will always regard it as a privilege to have taught you and the other BASI teachers and faculty that do such an amazing job on Pilates Anytime.
Thank you, Rael for keeping the instruction fresh. Your passion for teaching is uncomparable and motivating.
Deborah (Roberts)Soules I appreciate your words. I do truly try and keep both my teaching and my practice fresh. I am pleased your perceived it that way.
Thankyou Rael for this brilliant tutorial! 🙌
Brilliant & absolutely fantastic cues 🙏🙏 Thank you, Rael Isacowitz 🙋
Rael Isacowitz  I really appreciate the meticulous and quality hard work that you have put in to perfect these advanced exercises and teach them to others so proficiently!

As a relative newcomer to Pilates, I'm wondering about the foot placement on the mat version. You said the back leg just goes along for the ride and I noticed that Sheri just leaves it plantar flexed, with only the toes touching the mat when she twists. In demonstrations by other BASI instructors and in other schools the back foot is dorsiflexed and the outside edge of the foot is used for additional support. I tried both versions just now (while also reaching my hand towards the legs more than just out in front) and it seems that leaving the back foot on the mat requires more pelvic mobility to get the same height and bend. Would love to hear your thoughts on this small but important detail.
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