Full-Body Reformer Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 3146

Full-Body Reformer Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 3146

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Kristi, so glad to see a class from you. This was really great! I love the queue at the very end during pulling straps when you said "pull from below the shoulders not the hands". Keep it up Kristi you're doing great! can't thank you enough for the site. I love it and I learn so much from all of the great teachers !
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So glad to see you! Love your classes and this one is no exception. I've been thinking about you(since reading your articles) and send you my best.
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Wonderful class. I have been traveling a lot and out of my routine of working out. This was a nice flow to get me back into my body. I wish you the best on your recovery...
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Some fresh verbal queues here...loved the sequencing for this reformer class.
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Excellent cueing and attention to detail. Good sequencing/transitions. So glad you are healing..be well.
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That was a wonderful class, Kristi, - I was waiting to be able to do it from the moment I saw that you have a new class out! Congratulation - for the courage to again show us the "real" Kristi, and for the professionality, - of course-, in all the exercises. I loved the freedom you were looking for and made us do the same. Freedom in our joints, our whole body, and in our minds by setting aside the thoughts of right or wrong. And I loved the flow and the ease.. Thank you!
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As always, love Kristi's class. Her self-talk and cueing is really informative. What I also loved are the mini-modifications you give ("if you don't have a box, do this....", "if you're on the mat, do this...."). Would be lovely to hear more of those in future classes! Hope you're doing well! I think of you often!!
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Confirming everyone else's comments! This class was exactly what I was looking for this morning. I enjoyed this straightforward class with sensitive cueing - nice to see you again.
Allison C
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Great way to reconnect on a Monday! 💛
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Kristi, Thank you for another awesome feel great class.
Your cues during pull straps hit home with me something fierce today. I love how you said to "Save some energy for the rest of your day" - something I often need to be reminded of throughout the work. As you spoke those words, I found myself letting go of tension that wasn't necessary to begin with. Thank you!!
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