Taking Time For Yourself<br>Lesley Logan<br>Tutorial 3156

Taking Time For Yourself
Lesley Logan
Tutorial 3156

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Lesley, this is so refreshing! I especially loved your point about the 'cheap seats' screaming the loudest and the importance of who you choose to have in your 'front row'!
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Excellent advice!!!
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Yes!!! Thanks for your wisdom Lesley. This is such an important message for all Pilates teachers.
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Very good advice 😊
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Thank you for your Helpfull advice Lesley
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Sarah thank you for watching! I remind myself often who is in my front rows. So happy you liked that part! xx~LL
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Traci thank you! xx
Trina yes, instructors for sure!! xx~LL
Jackie thank you for watching and I am so glad you liked it! xx~LL
Roberta my pleasure! Thank you for watching and your comment xx~LL
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