Taking Time For Yourself
Lesley Logan
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Needed this! Thank you, Lesley.
Madeleine you are so welcome! thank you for watching xx~LL
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Great advice Lesley! I like the "front row seat" idea. I also like the idea of putting yourself first. I use what I call the airplane analogy, "put your mask on first".
Len exactly!! We all ignore that airplane analogy but it's useful on and off the plane. Thank you for watching and sharing your analogy. xx~LL
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As a new instructor, I always love listening to your wisdom! Thank you for being so real and transparent...very much appreciated! 😉
Lauren First, congrats on being a new instructor! I am so excited for you! And, thank you for taking time to enjoy what I am putting out there. I truly appreciate it! Let me know if there is anything you need. xx~LL
Hello from the UK Lesley:) This was really useful thanks. I am 49yrs and qualified to teach mat Pilates last year. I set up my business over the Summer and at the moment I am still working in Higher Education 4 days a week (career 'portfolioing'!) My goals for the business (and for myself) were really focussed initially and I have 3 successful classes up and running; lately I have been tempted to start more classes/do more because people at work were asking!! It's really nice that potential business is there, but I have resisted for my own sanity as it would pull me in too many directions. The schedule is a good reminder - we must take care of ourselves before we can help anyone else:) With best wishesx
Sarah Edwards at Positive Pilates Solihull first thank you for watching and sharing your story! Second, I just went to London for the first time and LOVED IT! Third, and probably, most important, good for you for sticking to your schedule and protecting it! It is sooo nice to be wanted in that way. To be in high demand! But, it's better to keep your sanity. Afterall, that's part of why people want more of you! Continue playing hard to get and build a list of people who want more of you. Then when you are ready to add more you can simply invite the whole lot! Until then, they can schedule their life around YOU! xx~LL
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