Spine Corrector Essentials<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3167

Spine Corrector Essentials
Meredith Rogers
Class 3167

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Susan B
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Perfect !! I bought a spine corrector to use at home and this is perfect for me.
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This was just what I needed today. Thanks!
Great to hear ladies!
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Love the flow of this workout! Thank you for sharing
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Thank you Meredith for creating great, easy to follow videos for non professional Pilates practioners. My wife and I started Pilates two months ago and purchased our own Balanced Body Reformer/tower and ordered a spine corrector today. After working in client's gardens I look forward to coming home and turning on Pilates Anytime on our Apple TV and following one of your videos. I feel energized and refreshed after a workout.

My wife and I take one group class a week, one duet a week and then PA videos 2-3 more days a week at home.

After 32 Pilates practices to date I do feel better and look better but I think Joseph Pilates meant 30 disciplined practices to have a new body 😀

We have found a new passion and look forward to becoming more effective and efficient in our practice every day

Thank you.
Cara B
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Thank you for some great idea for class tonight and I love your calm, collected instruction
Thanks everyone!
Glenn I'm so happy that you are enjoying Pilates.
It can really bring a lot to one's life experience.
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awesome thanks!
Michael L
That felt so great! And, we had synchronized sternum cracks! ;) I love your instruction and I live for your humorous comments. Always puts a smile on my face and makes me LOL! Thanks!
Michael sternum cracks are the BEST!!
Thank you for this comment. It put a smile on MY face this morning.
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