Spine Corrector Essentials<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3167

Spine Corrector Essentials
Meredith Rogers
Class 3167

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Great class Meredith Rogers !!! Thank you very much!😊
Thank YOU Olga
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So nice, Meredith! I just bought a Pilates Arc and used this to get to know some movements on it. I've never done any Spine Corrector work before - I regularly work on the Mat and Reformer - and I love so much what different feedback and impulses you get when trying out new apparatus, even while doing the same movements. That's the beauty of Pilates! Anyway, this was very helpful for taking those first steps, and the workout was challenging and at the same time nicely restorative. Thank you!

P.S. I've created my own progression for getting to know the Arc as a public playlist. Find it on my profile :)
Awesome Julia R! I love trying out new things too.
Glad you found this helpful. I'll check out your playlist.
Sabine G
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Thank you Meredith for this nice quick move-the-whole-body class! It made me ready for a busy day and I feel energized!
I really like your well chosen words and your cues are so helpful! I am a big fan of you!
Thanks so much Sabine! That makes me feel happy.
Marlo P
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this felt so good
Marlo YAY!!
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Omg this was soooo hard 
Elizabeth the spine corrector always is! Deliciously so!
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