Snake and Twist Progression
Benjamin Degenhardt
Tutorial 3174

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Thank you for the detailed explanation of Snake. The slow precise demonstration, plus your verbal cues give us thoughtful insight into proper biomechanics for safety of the spine. Your knowledge is appreciated, Benjamin.
Beautiful and so helpful. Once again, I love this short video detailing a single exercise and well done to the model!.. Already cannot wait for the next one!
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I like how you explain lifting the hip up and away from the hand on the shoulder block to create length in the waist. Well said!
Beautiful teaching, beautiful work. Benjamin, your teaching has such clarity. My wrists have become weak so I've backed off one of my favorite exercises. This tutorial has given me confidence to begin anew. Thank you!
Thanks everyone! Kathleen, Chrystelle, and Kathleen , so glad the breakdown and concepts behind my approach to this exercise resonate with you! Deborah (Roberts)Soules , I am stoked to hear you feel renewed confidence to give it a go — keep me posted!
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Absolutely loved this thank you Benjamin Degenhardt !! Great cues, love the attention to the hip away from hand, makes perfect sense. I love and hate this exercise but this tutorial has really helped me iron out my creases!!
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Amazing Benjamin! Perfection with cueing and demonstration! I did it!!
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Not only is you teaching fantastic, where did you find that model! between you two snake & twist look easy.
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Woot! That high footbar is NOT for the faint of heart! Wonderful breakdowns Benjamin! And kudos to Gregory for hanging in there throughout!
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Thanks so much for this breakdown Benjamin and cueing fantastic very helpful! For the breathing, you mention exhale on twist so is it inhale on press out and pull back up?
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