Snake and Twist Progression
Benjamin Degenhardt
Tutorial 3174

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You are an excellent teacher.
I’m really enjoying the way you present the break downs of some of the more challenging exercises.
I hope there will be many more to come.
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What an amazing teacher! So excited to have a new online teaching inspiration :)
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Beautiful execution by the Gentleman demonstrating. I think he must be an Instructor of the Classical Work.
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I really appreciate your clear breakdown of these exercises. Thank you!
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Hi Benjamin, this is wonderful, thank you. I do have a question for you---I am barely 5'3", and to put my foot on the foot bar then try to reach the shoulder block is a big stretch for me, literally :). I've been practicing by keeping my feet on the foot plate instead. Do you have a better idea/suggestion for short people to work on this progression? thank you so much!
Rachel - I am so sorry I am only noticing your question now. Yes, you want to inhale in preparation for the big and assisted exhale during the twist, and soak in some fresh air right after :)
Brenda - thanks for your question! It all depends a little on the type of apparatus you are working on. If possible, bring the carriage into negative gear (so that its start position is closer to the footbar) and perhaps play around with placing both hands on the carriage if the shoulder blocks are out of reach and the foot plate / frame doesn't provide you with a decent surface to stand on - otherwise using the foot plate would be a good way to express this movement. Let me know if that helps (and especially if it doesn't :))
Thank you so much; I have Balanced Body reformers,and one of them at my studio is their clinical reformer which has great capacity for adjusting the carriage position--I'll try it on that one. I just tried it on my home reformer with both hands on the carriage---yes!! That small adjustment makes all the difference, thank you! I'm excited to finally be working on this movement----such an awesome progression!
Fabulous clear instructions thank you
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