Foundational Mat 2<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 3183

Foundational Mat 2
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3183

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this is a great routing after cardio!
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I started with 5 and 6 and realized i should do them all. Amazingly challenging and so helpful. Thanks for taking the time Kathryn.
Margie My Pleasure! the series is based off of my red thread Mat book- there is a ton of info in the books as well as more variations to build and more connections to the work ! :)
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Such clear instruction, and - as Kathryn says - its so true that the foundations can be as challenging as the full versions if you really "control" your body. Great series- when will you come and teach in the UK?
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Thank you so much Kathryn Ross-Nash for this great class !!!
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I just love Kathryn Ross-Nash's way of breaking down foundation. As an Iyengar Yogi, I am focused on form and the feeling of freedom with movement. Kathryn's instruction provides me with the means to find this connection though pilates!
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Tough but I'm up to this challenge!
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Can we get a series like this for the reformer please
Caroline B coming in May to the UK!
Madhavi The foundational reformer book is on its way and then we will do a series based off of it for sure! Mat Red Thread of the Mat has soooo many variations in which to build your Mat!
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