Foundational Mat 4<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 3187

Foundational Mat 4
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3187

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This series is like a box of chocolates where each piece is richer and more tasty than the one before it! Thank you!
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I am loving this series!
What would your suggestion be for approximately how many times to do one class before trying the next one?

Thanks for this awesome series!

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Thank you~ Kathryn♡
Lori- there is no time frame. if you look at all four workouts you can build each exercise with its own thread- some will be easier than others. In the Red Thread of Pilates Mat Book I explain what each progression adds to the prior one so you will know what the challenge will add and what is needed to move from one to the next. I hope that helps
This practice gets better every time! There are nuggets that I missed the first and second time and I am sure that the next time I will pick up even more. Lovely warm glow in the powerhouse now Kathi! Thank you thank you xx
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Had a foundation mat class bonanza this morning..... took all 4 classes in succession.
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Hi KRN! I love how much flow you gave these foundation exercises, and also how much depth of information you provided whilst flowing! That was delicious :)
Joni Megan Macgregor Everlea Thank you!!! I am thrilled you enjoyed this! This is based off of the The Red Thread of the Mat book. After years of teaching these progressions were the most successful in building the Mat work- along with the apparatus & reformer :)
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I LOVE this series!!! I did all 4 in a row, is that bad? I have your book (autographed by you, bien sur) and this explained a few things that I was uncertain about and really got it into my body. Woot! I"m going to do these every day!
John B
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Short and intense ! Just what you need to squeeze your practice in.
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