Foundational Mat 4<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 3187

Foundational Mat 4
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3187

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Great short training when you only have a few minutes. Thanks so much for your teaching and this workout!
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Precision, flow, concentration, hard version of teaser- Just why I love Pilates! Thanks Kathi- you make it all look effortless.
Erin !!! I am so thrilled! And at your level you could do all 8 in a row! it will give you insight into the Red Thread of Pilates and how the exercises build. The order was created from the actual way that i have taught clients :)
Anna Thank you ! Have you tried the others? each one build from the last
Caroline B THANK YOU!
John Thank you so very much!
Neila S
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I love this series! The first one I was just in awe of what you could do, the next I was struggling to follow, the third I was cursing you and your mat, and by the third and fourth I actually felt and saw progress! Awesome, thank you.
Neila you executed and used the mats in the exact way they were intended to be used! Bravo!!!!! I am thrilled you experienced the benefits !
This class easily could be a kind of a short, perfect daily dose; thank you Kathryn...
That teaser variation is yummy!! 😋
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