Spine Stabilizing Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3201

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Thank you for this excellent class Meredith! Amazing how small movements can be challenging and you are so right in saying that these small movements are the foundations of pilates. My back and pelvis feel great after that class :)
Madeliene Whitney great to hear!  I found this class SO challenging.
This towel´s idea is great!.... I tried with your Class and I really enjoyed that. Most of the repertoire is used by you with interesting variations. I learned a lot. Thank you!
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I love this class! Have you done any others without a lot of spinal flexion?
Lauren not too many.  There is a reformer as well with the same name. 
"Spine Stabilizing Reformer".
Thank you, Meredith! Love that you chose to focus on the deep (dare I say, most important!) work. It takes an excellent instructor with excellent cuing to efficiently dive deep—I appreciate you!
Melinda Asimakos that is very sweet.  Thank you for saying so and I agree that the most important work is often simple and deep. 
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