Short Spine Stretch<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Tutorial 3217

Short Spine Stretch
Diane Diefenderfer
Tutorial 3217

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Nice to revisit this beautiful, yummy exercise. Laura makes it look graceful. Thank you
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Excellent thank you
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Very good
Appreciate the 3 different versions. When I started on my reformer 6 months ago, this move was impossible. Happy to say, I can do it now but can only achieve a straight up position. Still unable to bend my legs over my head. I hope that comes with more practice and spinal flexibility. At age 68, I'm loving the strength and flexibility I've gained practicing Pilates.
Elizabeth V
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Beautiful tutorial Diane, Laura looked amazing. But is it just me or where did Laura get that awesome body suit?
Patty Hafen
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Thank you for the various versions of this exercise.
Samantha S
I loved the compare and contrasting of the different variations or versions. As a teacher, its always good to keep the different options in our back pockets and as you said, always have intentions behind our choices. 
Edgar A
It was so great to learn more ways to do the short spine stretch. I especially loved learning more about Ron Fletcher's creative and practical choices.
Cara L
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I really enjoyed seeing the similarities and differences between the different versions of the same movement! The intention of each variation is different, but all continue in a beautiful flow and stretch. 
Isabela D
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Romana's was much quicker movement in comparison to Fletchers which was more about stretch and articulation. I also liked how the second Fletcher variation had the earlier core initiation for the roll up like Romana's. I feel that adds a new challenge along with the diamond shape legs lowering for the hamstrings work and glutes.
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