Elite Athlete Reformer<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 3218

Elite Athlete Reformer
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 3218

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So beautiful to watch!
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Really loved the class! great cues. I hope I can get some of the dance moves when I teach this! Thank you.
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I really enjoyed this. nice legwork!
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Loved this class! It was a great way to start the week. Thank-you!
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Love this class! Great for dancers, great ideas and flow.
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Thank you for your clear and patient explanations and finesse Diane and beautiful execution ladies, so much fun! Would love to see more work from you!
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Wonderful class Diane! Throughly enjoyed it and enjoyed meeting you and Laura at the PMA! (The other J Lo) :)
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Great class. Thankyou. I feel wonderful ☺️
Wowza! Great class, thanks so much!🙂
Great, great class
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