BASI Flow™ Cadillac
Meredith Rogers
Class 3229

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Great cueing Meredith! If only we could all move as beautifully as Amanda!
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Great after a long flight home:)
Thanks ladies. Amanda is a most beautiful mover indeed!
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God! You classes frickin rock meridith! You've got such a great flow and it's always super relaxing and yet super connecting and challenging! Love learning from you! THanks!!
Also I did this class without a Cadillac just as a mat class cause I'm at home and it still kicked my ass (how cool is that that I could do everything on the mat?! ) #pilatesnerd
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Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge in such an inspiring way Meredith.Cheers from south of spain.
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Amazing class Meredith, thank you! Amazing moves from Amanda too :) Is Amanda a teacher too?
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Lovely class. Really nice flow and thoughtful cues
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I took this class with only audio. I think it would’ve been more enjoyable following along with the visuals based on the other comments.
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Perfect flow 
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