BASI Flow™ Cadillac<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3229

BASI Flow™ Cadillac
Meredith Rogers
Class 3229

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Elizabeth can you believe I'm only just reading this now!!  I don't know how this comment thread got lost for two years.  It is FANTASTIC that you could do this whole class on the mat.  Way to be creative girl!
Kirsty somehow this comment got lost.  Yes! Amanda is a teacher too...sorry for the delayed response.
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Always very relaxing and easy to follow without looking at your phone as you follow along - also easy to remember simple sequencing that gives me ideas and structure for my clients 👍👍
Elizabeth that is wonderful to hear.  Thank you for sharing your feedback!
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taking your classes make my corona-days totally better. Thank you so much 💕🌸

Nihan O so happy!!
Venessa W
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Stunning !!  
Venessa W she was amazing!!
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Thank you very much Meredith❣️
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