Wunda Chair Challenge<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 323

Wunda Chair Challenge
Amy Havens
Class 323

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Thank you for this great class!! Feeling felt the work!
Hi Adrienne...thanks for your feedback!
Ames... finally tackled this one. Feels great...
Yay, great Amelia!!! Thanks for writing!
Lots of new variations I'm excited to try... thanks Amy! especially love watching the girl in the front- she's so strong!
Hi Colleen! Great, yes some fun variations from your vocabulary I'm sure. Enjoy them and let me know how they feel. Glad you enjoyed the students' performance!!
Great class. For the floor plank on the Wunda chair, I always use the black bar under the supporting arm to level the shoulders. Can you tell me why you might opt not to use it? Thanks!
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Hi Nancey, I have used the black bar under the supporting arm before also and yes, it does indeed help to level the shoulders. I tend not to use it so to keep with the traditional work which didn't use too many props or extra devices. However, if someone is really needing it, I will use it.....or any other prop/assist that seems appropriate.
Amy, I loved that last exercise! Such a challenge! Thank you, this is a great class.
Hi Robin! Thank you so much for taking class with me, glad you enjoyed it. Hope you're well my friend!
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