Wunda Chair Challenge<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 323

Wunda Chair Challenge
Amy Havens
Class 323

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Thanks Amy! Such a great class! Great upper body workout!
Hi Rachael! Thanks for taking class with me and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Nice hearing from you,...thank you!
Really enjoyed the variation of exercises of this class Amy, Thank You :)
Hi Yugonda....thanks for your feedback and for taking class with me! Hope to talk to you again soon!
What a great class! You are such a fabulous instructor; cues, information, creativity, and a pleasing voice to boot!
Kerry....thank you so much....what a nice way for me to start my day today....reading that post from you! Glad you enjoyed class!
Paola Maruca
never disappointing...:) Grazie Amy
Thank you Paola!!
What a great class. I loved it! the exercices with balance...wow! Thanks Amy!
Thank you so much Ginette! Nice meeting you!
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