Advanced Student Commentary<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Class 3254

Advanced Student Commentary
Deborah Lessen
Class 3254

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Thank you so much Deborah and Peter for sharing your exceptional knowledge and experience with us. It was a true pleasure to view the elegance of your movements, Peter.
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It's so wonderful to see teachers working with other teachers. Thank you to you both. Being too mobile myself it's very interesting to see how Peter used the movement to stay within his own skeleton and embody his own needs.
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More please !
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That was beautiful. I will never be able to move like this and that is ok but to see these exercises performed with such grace and strength is a joy, and to witness the connection and respect between Deborah and Peter feels like a privilege. Thank you so much. For those of us who watch with wonder, please, could you do more?
Thank you for your feedback. Every Pilates practitioner who is focused and serious emanates beauty. Advanced exercises can be a foil. A person's commitment and concentration is what draws us in.
Applause! Beautiful.
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This is amazing to watch thank you, Peter is a beautiful mover!
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beautiful and very interesting
thank you very much
Kathleen M
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Wow - that was an experience! I loved the commentary, so much to take away from this. Beautiful movement Peter.
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So much information! I loved this! Beautiful !
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