Introducing New Concepts<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 3314

Introducing New Concepts
Tom McCook
Tutorial 3314

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This was really exciting.
Thanks for helping me set my compass of investigation in the right direction! :D
Thank you for your feedback Hrisitna, very happy to hear you found this helpful!
All the best, Tom
Valentina - Vali
I love your open-mindedness! And we all know, you should never stop learning new things, new views and also enjoying in it :)
Zeren Joy
You are probably the BEST teacher in this world... Thank you for all you share.
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Thank you Valentina and Zeren for your kind responses, you are most welcome. I'm happy to be of service!
Amen for this!  I have been cross learning myself so I am so moved and thrilled to see that there is someone much deeper level who are continue to explore the movement.  Thank you for sharing your journey!

Dear Midori, You're very welcome! Be well and keep exploring!
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