Introducing New Concepts<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 3314

Introducing New Concepts
Tom McCook
Tutorial 3314

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Hi Tom,
Happy New Year!
I totally agree with what you said. The more I approach different kinds of movement and exercise methods, I understand that it is important to integrate all these in Pilates teaching.
When are you going to Hong Kong? Looking forward to learn from you.
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Thanks for this! I have personal experience with problems with my gait resulting from previous injuries and resulting changes in how I carried myself. So I am trying to soak up as much as I can from the wonderful teachers on this site. I am going to look up this book right now.
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Very interesting especially that you have fixed your neuroma, I was told by a specialist that I would just have to live with Morton’s Neoroma ( or give up running). So going to do a lot more research on the topic. Thanks.
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Thank you Tom. Great reminder that we can slowly add in new learning skills to our clients. I did a gait and posture course back in 2009 and time to revisit it with better understanding now.
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Just finished Gary and Chris’ course. Feeling very inspired and glad you’re passing on the messsage.
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Wonderful - I so enjoyed listening to this video- this is exactly how I am feeling about teaching at the moment- thank you so much.
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Thank you all for your encouraging feedback! Keep learning and integrating, it's the roots of inspiration!
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Love the concept of teacher as an “external nervous system”. Thank you for sharing these gems with us. 😊🙏🏽
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Tom McCook I am so grateful for your presence and the knowledge you share with us here on the site! Your work is a continuous inspiration to me. I have recently been geeking out on foot anatomy and gait and whole heartedly agree with everything you are saying. Thank you for reminding us that introducing new principles is also a part of the pilates discipline and that integrating new concepts helps us grow into better teachers and better students!

- Amanda
Michael L
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Okay, my mind is a little blown (in a good way). This is information that I feel I need to ponder and let simmer and then investigate further. Thank you for making us continue to evolve and grow. :)
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