Feel Good Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3321

Feel Good Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3321

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Sally R
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Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the simplicity sometimes. Will take it with me this week.
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This was great! Great cue when we were doing the pull sword and really focusing on what the wrist was doing. Huge difference in the backside shoulder down into the lat area for me! Thank you Amy!
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How perfect! Thank you Amy!
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Great class as usual Amy! I love using the magic circle!
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Perfect title for this class! Full body workout in a feel good way. I’m going to practice this one as a weekly class for the next month. I really love the magic circle with the legs in straps and the horseshoe move was fabulous! Thanks, as always, for your creative classes. I always get something new out of every class I take with you.
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Thighs were burning, abs were shaking, this was simple and AMAZING! LOVED!
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Thank you Amy😘😘
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Thanks gals!! Your comments brighten my day!
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great class Amy I love all of your classes!
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Thanks Amy Havens great class to come back to after a few days vacation. I needed this 👍😊
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