Feel Good Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3321

Feel Good Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3321

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Each time I take one of your amazing classes I learn something new, with each thoughtful cue... lots of "ah ha" moments arise. This class provide several "ah ha" moments for me today.
Thank you for giving me a deeper understanding of the work. You have inspired me to take a more thorough and mindful approach when I teach a class or take a session for myself.
Hope to see you at Pilates on Tour in my hometown of New Orleans this summer.
Take care, Amy.
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This is a lovely class, Amy. It felt great on my body. The pace gave me enough time to explore each movement and not feel rushed. Thank you.
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Thank you Tammy , Heather , Beth and Rena ! So happy you're enjoying this 'Feel Good' class!!
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This may be my favorite! Worked it all, thanks Amy! 😉
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Hi Amy Havens ! I have seen you work on both Balance Body and Gratz Reformers. I owned an Allegro 2 Reformer and now I have a Gratz because I am taking the Romana's Pilates Certification. I found that the Gratz is great for the Classical Repetoire but now so much when I take classes in PA from contemporary teachers. I am thinking of changing the Gratz for a Studio Reformer with Tower. Do you think it would be a good idea?
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As always a great class by Amy! I love her teaching voice is always so pleasant. Great start to my day!
Agnes V
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Lovely class Amy. Thank you!!
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Thank you Amy for a lovely class. I love the exploration of movement. It's a great reminder that movement should feel good in the body. Often when I have some time to myself in the studio I will begin with a little warm up and then listen to my body and do whatever it feels it needs next.
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Always love your classes! Great job again. Thank you!
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Thanks for helping my Sunday workout feel so good! I didn’t happen to have a ring near by and found the workout to be as enjoyable just focusing the energy as though I did actually have a prop. Always great classes Amy, thank you!
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