Advanced Reformer Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 334

Advanced Reformer Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 334

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Hi Vivi, Meredith and I usually use three red springs for the foot work, sometimes three red and a blue (on our balanced body Reformers). It should feel medium to heavy resistance. Be mindful not to put so much on that you can't feel your powerhouse. Kristi (the one Meredith is teaching in this class
Thanks Kristi!!! I will DEF take a class if I'm ever down that way!! :)
Viva, they most likely used 3 red springs. But these are seasoned instructors so u should experiment and see where u can execute proper form in control. hope that helps!! Jamie
Vivi, We usually use between three and four springs. Either three reds or three reds and a blue (on Balanced Body equipment). Hope you enjoy it!
When i get to 21 minutes it goes right back to the beginning again. I am able to watch the others to the end. I love this one!!! Wish I could watch the whole thing. Not sure why that is happening.
Hi Sharon, I just tried it and it seems to be working here. I'll send your comment to Ted and see what he thinks might be happening. Hmm?
Ted Johnson
Hi Sharon,

I think there just must have been an interruption in your internet connection. I have tested this as well, and the video file seems OK. Hopefully if you try again, it will play all the way through for you.
@ Kristi, Jamie and Meredith : thank you so much for all your reply... it really helps
@Sharon : It also happened to me before, its because the internet connection too slow.
Ok Meredith... I just got my arse kicked by this workout. Wow! Thank you. Being an instructor, I need to have my own sessions and I love going to you for that!
Enjoyed the class this AM. I have a L5-S1 20 year old disc injury. Pilates has helped me considerably. I am unable to do roll downs or short spine series. I usually do extra long spine series when the class calls for short spine series as this one did. Do you have suggestions on substitutes for short spine series. Thanks!
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