Magic Circle Exploration<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 3340

Magic Circle Exploration
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3340

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Very detailed class, love the queuing and the attention given to minor details.The little hacks(tongue up,eyes down...) were very helpful too.
Thank you.
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Fabulous - will be teaching this next week.
Very nice...
Thank you.
Awesome classes
Lovely. Will try this out tonight.
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Elizabeth as I watched this video I realized these exercises follow similar patterns that you utilize on all the pieces of equipment, and all with the goal of better gait. Your final balance challenge, is just that! Quite a challenge. Thank you so much.
We love Elizabethlarkam❤️ we always wait her succesed ssequence!! Thank u
Awesome! Thank you! 🙌
Elizabeth gracias!!!! Disfruté mucho tu clase.
Elizabeth really understands the 9 spinal movements which free her to be so creative with choreography. And her voice can get a body to do anything
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