Magic Circle Exploration<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 3340

Magic Circle Exploration
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3340

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Gerri M
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Great class as always
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I always enjoy every class you do. You make me think outside my comfort zone. Thank you for your continued inspiration!
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Just amazing! Thank you Elizabeth!!!
Valentina - Vali
Great new exercizes! :)
durante toda la clase se siente el trabajo de los músculos estabilizadores profundos. Me encanto !!!
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Exceptional as usual! Thank you so much to share with us ! So happy to have you!
Michelle S
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what an absolute beauty! beautiful Liz, beautiful mobility, beautiful voice. x
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A really well explained and lovely magic circle class. So good to help with slight imbalances on my weaker side. Thank you!
Thank you Elizabeth Larkam.
Gracias! Me ha encantado. Muy tridimensional!! Está presente el trabajo fascial, verdad?
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