Moving Cadillac Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 3367

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Just what I needed after a wonderful crazy weekend with my 2 year old granddaughter! Thank you!
Send my best energy to your community ♡♡♡
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Sending prayers to your community! I’m dealing with some personal stress myself and this class felt peaceful to me. Sooo glad you did not make us hang from those fuzzy straps today! Thank you!
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That was a fantastic stretch for my whole body after an intense ski day on the east coast! Thanks Meredith, you are always such a pleasure to work with on PA!
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This was great, thank you!
Such an important class ... know the rules ... know when to break them and #justmove. Love it, friend!
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Live this class!!! Wunderfull meredith!!!
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Felt SO good!!
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Thanks Meredith. Very relaxing and refreshing. Hope you feel better too.
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LOVE this class. Beautiful and deep. I love your approach of being flexible with the rules. If you have a Tower rather than a full Cadillac, you'll be able to do everything in the class except the final stretches, which are easy to modify
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