Elongation of the Spine<br>Michael F. & Ton V.<br>Tutorial 3372

Elongation of the Spine
Michael F. & Ton V.
Tutorial 3372

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Great tutorial! I always enjoy mike and ton production, good clear information. Thank you
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Love that
Lindsay R
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I love the clear explanation of the head and pelvis causing a consistent tension in the spine
Thank you Lynne, Ewa and Lindsay! Glad you enjoyed it.
Really added on to my knowledge. Thank you so much
This was the first time I've watched you guys! Delightful, informative and concise! Love it!
Thank you, always love hearing your knowledge. My heals always slip away from the rolldown bar if I try and get complete lumbar spinal articulation on the way down. When I focussed on what you said i was almost able to maintain my heals but not quite get that lumbar spinal articulation.
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I have been struggling with a back issue. Not sure exactly which part unlocked my pelvis but I want to thank you! Love the theraband/balls to demonstrate the action and the words to describe the movement. I always get so much out of your explorations. Thanks for sharing!
I enjoyed this tutorial very much, your relaxed but informative explanation is easy to watch and learn from, thank you guys.
Très intéressant. Les détails et la précision dans la pratique du Pilates sont irremplaçables. Savoir le pourquoi de chaque geste nous aide nous améliorer.
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