The Effect of Adhesions
Jennifer Golden
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Thanks for the brief tutorial. Because I have been following Tom Myers, Elizabeth Larkham, Gil Hedley etc., this was not new to me, but does help to reinforce how I already think and cue clients. Definitely glide and slide is a reference, and I often equate it to being like ice cream that slowly melts, the softening of butter which can then spread out in a warm pan, .....many other visuals so that people can let go no matter what the given exercise is at that moment. I speak slot of our while fascial sacks changing in shape, tension and compression so that we can feel we are indeed 3D beings that can fill out space. Being "in the exercise, in the moment " is more important than perfecting an exercise; a phrase borrowed from Tom himself.
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Thank you for taking time at a difficult time in your life to share this information. You are a very positive person which will help take you through the next stage in your treatment, wishing you the very best for the future
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Brilliant tutorial!
SO great thank you so much for sharing your ideas!! I have a huge amount of adhesions from a stressful and lengthy c-section which feel like theyre going to tear during a simple cat cow stretch. I will give this a try!
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Excellent tutorial thank you Jennifer Golden Zumann; I had a laparoscopy a month ago and I've just started to release the hip flexors and the abdominals in prone position with a ball. But I will try in supine position with a softer ball. I like the visual cue of the muscles gliding versus contracting, even if I feel that for the majority of the people (not Pilates teachers) might be a complicated concept to understand because most of the people don't have any idea of the shape of the muscles
I wish you lot of good luck, thank you for sharing (it takes lot of peace of mind and good karma to do it).
Thank you so much Jennifer Golden Zumann for your work !!! I really love your approach! Best regards from France
great video
Thank you Jennifer Golden Zumann. Your language is so wonderful, your courage is very inspiring and your idea will be in my mind as I go forth this week in my mission to improve movement. I hope your knowledge has proved insightful for your recovery....
Thankyou! Inspiring and insightful on multiple levels. You are a wonderful educator and role model for many!
Thank you Jennifer. I love your spounge visual, wow that was perfect!
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