Overhead Breakdown<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Tutorial 3401

Overhead Breakdown
Benjamin Degenhardt
Tutorial 3401

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Great cueing Benjamin thanks
Looking forward to seeing you down under ✅
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Quality 6 minutes of visual and verbal details. Many clients find overhead work difficult with foot straps. I am now encouraged to guide them toward using the actual weight of the legs.
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Nice tutorial. I like the way you references the exercises before and after so we better understand the sequence and progression.
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Lovely tutorial, thank you! Recently I did a variation. I did not lower my arms and hands all the way to the carriage but rather hovered them in the air about 45 degrees. I left them there going over and on the return. Try it!
Becky C
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Yay! You're online again! Missed you last month. Off to my reformer I go now! Always reinspired by you!
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Thanks Benjamin . . . I love your breakdowns!
Thank you for clarifying the steps, checking to see if one's body is ready.
Perfectly detailed instruction. Thank you!
That was fabulous- thank you both xx
best tutorials ever! love them all. great cues without a lot of unnecessary information. you can close your eyes and just execute each piece listening to your cues. thank you so much for doing these, Benjamin!
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