34 Mat Exercises
Benjamin Degenhardt
Workshop 3411

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Amazing Benjamin. As ever your clarity and understanding of the work is greatly received! 
Thank you so much Benjamin and Meredith, that was fantastic! With this Workshop and your 360 website I am loving learning the original method. Joe's versions just make sense to me, maybe I'm more boxer than ballerina, haha.
This is an amazing resource--thank you to both of you!
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Thank you, Benjamin, Meredith, and Pilates Anytime for this incredibly detailed and informative break down of the original 34 Mat exercises. I feel my knowledge of these key movements has deepened significantly and I absolutely saw how they were each connected to one another. While watching, I realized that Benjamin never once used the 'typical' Pilates cues of 'scooping the belly' or 'drawing the navel to the spine'; yet was able to elicit the desired movement seemingly effortlessly in Meredith, who, to her credit is extremely strong! Benjamin - was it a conscious decision to avoid using these cues, and if so, what was the reason behind that? Thank you again for a truly fantastic workshop.
Loved this! I've read Joseph's book and my own teacher training did the exercises in this order, but it was so good to see these original versions. Some are slightly different from what I was taught, which opens my mind to new possibilities for these exercises. I look forward to trying these versions. And well done to Meredith - I don't know how you got through that! 
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