Strong Cadillac Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3423

Strong Cadillac Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3423

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thanks amy and andy! whew!
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Really nice session 👍 I appreciate your cueing, Amy Havens 🙏 Thank both of you!
Thank you Sharon Lucie and Candace ! My client Andy was so much fun to work with!
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Amy, thank you for this class. I love your natural and clear cueing. 
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Thank you so muchCarrie !
Megan Y
Incredibly difficult workout! I loved how all your cues really aided him
Samantha S
I really enjoyed the single arm variations of both roll back and spine stretch! Thank you for sharing. 

Lauren G
I enjoyed seeing exercises from the Mat work and other apparatuses tailored to the Cadillac. Truly a full body workout!
Ember Hopkins
Such a great and informative class! I learned so much. Thank you.
Katherine W
Loved this class! Thanks so much. 
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