Strong Cadillac Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3423

Strong Cadillac Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3423

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Simply excellent!! Thanks a lot both of you :)
Amy S
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So well executed and taught! I especially appreciate the way Amy teaches Andy, yet gives him the room to make it his own experience. There was something truly rich and satisfying about this session. Thank you to you both.
Loved it! Great class!
Michael Mary S
Loved this class. Your instructions are great & Andy is a really good student.
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Thanks everyone! I so enjoy working with Andy -- he is quite the student: takes correction well, understands imagery but also likes to keep things simple. I'm glad you found this session pleasing.
Tara E
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Great class, you both rock!
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That was AWESOME!!!!
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Thanks Amy Havens & Andy! Great session---that last lateral stretch was oh-so - yummy!! :D
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Thank you Tara , Pamela and Alex !! Andy is an incredible student, easy for me to work with because he is SO in his own body/mind ability and connection. He helps me push him along !
Sharon O
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Loved your cueing and corrections in this session. I had touble understanding what you saw with Andy’s hip hike during single leg circles until you lengthened his rotated hip and awww’d for the QL. THEN I got it. Thank you for a strong, even class!
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