Spondylolisthesis<br>Sherri Betz<br>Tutorial 3434

Sherri Betz
Tutorial 3434

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Love the clarity of this tutorial. Very informative. Thanks Sherri.
I always love listening to Sherri.
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loved this tutorial and I too would love to see one on spinal fusions! :)
Laura W
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Very informative, clear, concise information! I have 2 Spondy clients - this was great. Thanks so much :)
Great tutorial!!
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Very informative!!! Thank you so very much! Please more!!!
Patty Hafen
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This is so good.  I really appreciate your knowledge and how you explain it all so clearly.
Gisela G
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Very helpful tutorial. Thank you!
I really love your work and it is so helpful, for clients with specific diagnosis. Is there any advice you could give me for a client who as gone through surgery and fixation of lumbar vertebrae and disc replacement? She is in a very fragile situation and lives with constant pain (at a level of 6 - in a scale out of 0 - 10). The surgeon told her, after the 3 intervention, that there is nothing else he can do for her and that she should take some Pilates classes....  
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