Spondylolisthesis<br>Sherri Betz<br>Tutorial 3434

Sherri Betz
Tutorial 3434

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Myriam Kane
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Great stuff, Sherri...thank you!
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I love your your tutorials, thank you !
Thanks for your great tutorial I keep my fingers cross that you can also share some tutorial abou the posterior spinal fusion
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Love this useful series, thank you Sherri and Amy! Hope you consider a class for these pathologies!?
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Thank You 💓🙏🏻 Please more 😉
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Super useful info! Thank you!
Makes me want to learm PT !!!! keep shaing with us your knowledge!
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PilatesAnytime gold once again. can't quite believe this was only 15 minutes long. really great, thank you!
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Great tutorial. Very informative. I work with a spondy who has had multiple hamstring reconstruction surgeries and the last one the doctor severed her psoas(this was years ago). Any additional suggestions would be much appreciated!
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Brilliant, informative tutorial. Great to have on my Playlist for the times I encounter a person with Spondy and need a reference. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Sherri & helping to raise the standard for Pilates Professionals all over the world.
And PA for hosting the platform!
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