Reformer Combinations<br>Diane Severino<br>Class 3440

Reformer Combinations
Diane Severino
Class 3440

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Beautiful ,graceful class ,
thank you so much ...teaching cues impeccable :)
Anther wonderful class with three of my favorite instructors!
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A wonderful class. I would honestly take it just to listen to you Diane. You have brightened my day. Thank you!
This was amazing! Thank you, Queen Diane!
Beatriz S
Love love love!!!
Maestra!!!!!l Excelente clase , ritmo,corrección de los detalles que hacen la diferencia. Y pos sobre todo su simpatia!!
Karen L. Burka
What a fun and challenging class. I love your sense of humor Diane!
So fun!
Lovely class! Thank you!
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What a fun, challenging class!! Diane, love your cues and my family is from Brooklyn so I loved that Brooklyn feel! :)
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