Straight Up Mat<br>Diane Severino<br>Class 3441

Straight Up Mat
Diane Severino
Class 3441

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This is now the best video I have yet watched on Pilates Anytime! I love Diane Serverino!
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Truly Inspired!
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Love Diane! Anyone can teach a class - not everyone has great character. To me, that's what keeps a class exciting and inspirational.
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Diane is just too much for words so pictures instead ❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊
Wow wow wow! What an honour! It felt as if I was in one of Joseph's classes. You are soooo inspiring!
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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No comment...
Thank you. Nice day from Slovakia.
You’re AMAZING Diana! Thanks for a strong class.
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The Pilates Academy Award for" best performance in a movement sequence," goes too.... Diane Severino!
Diane makes me laugh every time I watch her! Her humor infused with the movement makes the time fly by and you just worked your tail off. Thanks Diane!
Definitely not for beginners!
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You Rock Diane!! I'm still in awe watching your supple strong body..You're amazing!!! Thank you..
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