Straight Up Mat<br>Diane Severino<br>Class 3441

Straight Up Mat
Diane Severino
Class 3441

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Joan Breibart as a teacher on this site yourself feel free to come directly to Gia or myself to let us know how you think we can improve our classes. 
Diane is a Beautiful Mover!  My college boyfriend. Have to ask him if  your  refusal  to  allow  any comments  other than  positive ones is  a violation of g free speech. 
Joan Breibart ~ Thank you for your forum post. We allow construction criticism in addition to positive comments. We want the forums to be a place where everyone feels welcome to share their thoughts, even if they are negative. However, we do not allow hurtful, shaming, or any kind of speech like that. We also don't allow promotion or the sale of other products/sites in our forum. I know you had trouble adding a comment the other day, and I'm happy to help whenever that happens. Feel free to reach out to me or Kristi directly.
Melissa C
Goals!  Diane is amazing, totally love her!
Annalise C
She is f*%!N AMAZING! Love her no nonsense vibe.
Joanne D
Technical class, and full of sass! :) Love your tips, and your humor! Thanks, Diane!
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