Flexion and Extension Play<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 346

Flexion and Extension Play
Meredith Rogers
Class 346

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Awesome just awesome workout..saw a couple of things that were new to me.. I so love this site!! Question? Do you guys find that the Wunda Chair builds more in strength than say the Refomer? Just curious as to your opinions.
Thanks Jamie. I think the Wunda Chair and the Reformer build strength differently. Both are equally valuable in my mind. True strength, I believe, comes with the precision of movement.
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I like the two views...front and side
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loved the triple stretch at the end. I am going to do this at the end of all my workouts!
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I love this class! I've come back to it several times and am always amazed what a workout you can get in just 28 minutes. Particularly love the curled abdominal series lying atop the chair. Thanks so much.
Thank you for you wonderful feedback ladies!
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Love this class Meri :)
great hip stretch with back extension at the end!
...And I love YOU Lisa!!
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Can you let me know what springs you were using? Thanks!
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Oh, that was great! I especially loved the stretches at the end. Thank you, Meredith and Kristi...
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