Building Up to High Bridge<br>Kathy Corey<br>Tutorial 3472

Building Up to High Bridge
Kathy Corey
Tutorial 3472

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Brilliant! Thank you so so much for bringing clarity to this exercise.
I got goose bumps watching her lift up from the reformer. Thank you!
I wanted to understand when Sarah goes into the high bridge on the spine corrector- her head is on the mat but am assuming  all the weight is  on her arms and spine ? Thanks 
Sharon M
I just watched this and feel pumped that I too will master this monster exercise! I can do it!  This is what teaching is all about 😍
Every PIlates Movement is incorporated in this exercise.  It is great to build up to it!
Cate D
Absolutely fabulous teaching. So many cues to take away from this Masterclass & also the key point that it is our job as a teacher to enable a client to have success with an exercise, starting with sufficient preparation. I loved Clara's way of teaching Semi Circle with body fully on the carriage too.
Gisela G
This is amazing teaching. Thank you so very much for this wonderful demonstration. The cue that the lifting has to come from the center rather than the arms or legs is so helpful!
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