Teasing the Teaser<br>Monica Wilson<br>Tutorial 3485

Teasing the Teaser
Monica Wilson
Tutorial 3485

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Kristina D
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Thanks Monica, I liked the way you taught the teaser. Takes time to organise the feet on the wall but with practice I can move my focus away from the feet if you understand what I mean. Kristina
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Wonderful teaching as always. Something I need a lot of practice on. I am wondering if you also have a tutorial for this on the equipment.

Thank you.
Monica Wilson
I’m so glad you enjoyed this tutorial and that it is helpful! I do not believe I have one that specifically details the teaser on the reformer but that is a great idea! I know I “broke down” the long box exercises a while back back with Kristi as my student but most recently, check out class # 3426. I think you might enjoy the way I eased Joe into doing an amazing teaser! Thank you for your comments! Monica:)
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Hi Monica Wilson thank you for that tutorial. It was great. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for issues with my cossacks bone when doing teaser. It really hurts.
Monica Wilson
Hi Margie, I would love to help! Tell me a little more...Did you mean Coccyx bone? Did you injure it? Is it just uncomfortable when you are rolling through it?
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Great tutorial really helpful tips with all the prep exercises as well. Thank you. I sometimes have a problem with my sit bones been uneven as I come up. I roll over one and then the other. Is this because I’m using my hip flexors instead of my glutes and hamstrings ?
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Once again, brilliant class, thanks so much!
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Your cueing is always so good! Even doing the same basic moves I learn so much from you!
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Thank you are teaching me so much sin I am a beginner student. You are a mar velos teacher.
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you are cueing us perfectly...basic but crucial points...thank you Monica Wilson
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