Teasing the Teaser<br>Monica Wilson<br>Tutorial 3485

Teasing the Teaser
Monica Wilson
Tutorial 3485

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Monica Wilson
I'm so glad this tutorial is helping everyone! Antoinette, without seeing you execute the teaser in person, my gut feeling is that you need to work the side of your hips. I like to imagine my hips are being pressed together as if someone's hands are on the side of hips pressing inward or as if my hips were in a vice. Once I can engage my hips as a solid unit, I can use the muscles to lengthen my hips away from my lower back as well. This image allows me to fire my muscles a little differently then thinking about releasing my hip flexors. It also allows me to roll up into the Teaser evenly. I hope this helps! Sorry for the delay! Monica:)
Monica Wilson
Hi Margie, I would recommend using extra padding while doing any rolling exercises.
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Hi Monica Wilson thank you for your help but I think I've solved my problem. I was doing Pilates on my living room carpet and a thin mat. I now double up my mat with a thicker one that I had. I didn't like the thicker one by itself because it wasn't "sticky" enough for me. The two together has become my norm and the pain is gone. I didn't injure the bone since I was a kid, but I was doing a lot of teasers there for a bit. Taking a little break from that posture helped too. I really appreciate you following up. Have a blessed day!
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Monica Wilson I didn't see your post in response to me until today. Sorry for not responding sooner.
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Thank you Monica, would love to see an equipment class too. Feels so good!
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Love your tutorials pls keep them comimg
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How do you engage the back of your thighs ? I end up locking my knees :(
Hi Monica I love your classes, congratulations for your job. I have a big question...lot of times in your videos you say "use your power house instead your hip flexors or use more your glutes and inner thighs instead your hip flexors but...how? How can I  lift my legs with my power house and no with my hip flexors ? This is the only thing I don't understand in your teaching and cueing maybe because my low experience...thanks for your help. 
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