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Monica Wilson
Class 3486

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Wow! Love it! Fantastic class! Thank you Monica and thank you Colleen!
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Great advanced class, well instructed and performed by Monica and Colleen. Would like to practice more times in the future.
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That was amazing! Colleen you were beautiful and Monica your cueing is so helpful.
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sweaty as promised! such a great challenge . thx monica
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Colleen is awesome! I made it through but would probably give myself a C+. The shoulder bridge stuff is tough for me. And the roll over into standing. Holy cow! You definitely were not fibbing when you said this was a very advanced class!
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I loved this class so much! Thank you Monica. I thought i had invented the transition from (What I did was) Control Balance to Shoulder Bridge with a double stag leg. Extending the top leg ready for kicks. LOL I learn something new everyday thanks PA.
Colleen, you are the bomb :)
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You squeezed me like an orange Monica...I skipped the transition from Control Balance to the shoulder bridge...but over all I loved it so much...thank you
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Wow wow wow. Amazing class. Super challenging, fast paced and fun. Loved every second of it. Thank you!!!
No way this is a level 2/3 class. Much harder than other 2/3 classes. Definitely challenging!
Agreed. Sorry I missed that! I think it is a level 3 as well.
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