Advanced Mat Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3487

Advanced Mat Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 3487

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XOXO! Love it! Great! Thank you, thank you! Love the flow, the cueing....everything!LOL Thank you Meredith.....please more like this!
Pascale Perez
Love your class Thank you Meredith excellent as usual !
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A real but kicker. I did 20 mins one day, finished up the next day! Thanks so much.
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Your classes are always so good!
So good! Thankyou!
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Flexibilidad, fuerza, fluidez, precisiĆ³n...excelente tu clase Meredith ! Gracias!!
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quite challenging but great. Thanks again for amazing classes
Thank you all for taking class with me and for your positive feedback!
I love hearing from you.
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Oh Meredith Rogers thankful for YOU to share your gift of movement to keep me sane ;)
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Loved doing a more advanced class from you. Great flow and transitions!
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