Building Your Star<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 3498

Building Your Star
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3498

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This class just came online and is wildly out of my skill set, but I want to take a moment to say that your hairstyle is so becoming, beautiful, strong, and authentic. I have always loved your shining, powerful, here-I -am spirit. Love the color and cut. And I am sure the class is amazing too.
Cate D
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Kathy. I love the transition moves and your explanations of the rationale for the sequence. You are a true inspiration and make me want to work harder to achieve a better physique. You exemplify what can be achieved through Pilates and dedication.
Thanks, Kathryn! A stunning workout, I really liked the progressions up to the Star, which I haven't tried before but the mastery of which is now one of my goals for 2018.
Shan Thank you so very much for your truly kind words!!! I am sure with your attitude you will be doing workouts of the highest levels soon! try the first couple of exercises here and once you have them down- add another. you will have it in no time!
Cate Thank you! my hope is to one day link the work through out to give a greater understanding of Pilates as a method. i am grateful you appreciate this!
Lynn steady and slow with precision will build this lovely exercise! can't wait to hear of your progress!
Alex D
This irreplacible woman, present so far here, and o pilatesology is today someone else:( Kathryn used to have dark hair, shining face, a radiant smile, etc ... she lived in NJ where she had spoken about her dogs, son, daughter. That was so warm:)) I loved it:) Here I see a factice-blond Whoever ... cannot commprehend or accet; a face unfamiliar, plastic and alien:(((( I feel s sad:( Where is real KRN?
Theresa L
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Love love love all your tutorials, teaching and especially Pilates sessions on Pilates Anytime. Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge and skill. I find that all your videos have a flow that resonates with the body and after of course brings a bit of soreness đŸ˜… and Thank you for adding ‘dessert’ in between the hard work!
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Wow! You are such an inspiration, thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion.
Chaz thank you so very very much!
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