Building Your Snake & Twist<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 3499

Building Your Snake & Twist
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3499

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The front and side mountain climbers were challenging! I was very wobbly, but I’ll get stronger with practice. I’ll definitely keep taking this class!! Especially the star bicycle!!
try them on the high chair- there is a sister video to this one on helping to build it on the high chair for the wound chair. there are many exercises that can be executed and learned this way.
Michele M
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That was so much fun and super challenging!! You are beautiful Kathryn! Thank you for sharing!
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I’m speechless, that was pure joy to watch! A dance in fact! Thank you for your wisdom and teachings!
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Incredible control! You are amazing! Thank you! ( wishing I had longer legs!:))
Georgia Thomas
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Brenda and Georgia Thank you so much!
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Wow... I am speechless.. fantastic class!! 👏👏
Luda thank you so very very much!
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You are a great asset to the Pilates community.
Thank you very much, Kathryn! xoxo
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