Advanced Tower Variations<br>Michael K. & Malcolm M.<br>Class 3508

Advanced Tower Variations
Michael K. & Malcolm M.
Class 3508

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Great class, thank you !! 👏👏🙏
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Creative and challenging, loved it! Thank you.
Great class! The second set of legs in straps was so challenging!! What a workout. Thank you:)
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Expansion of the 'fundamentals'. Dynamic rotations so valuable to the well being of our bodies. Thank you, Michael and Malcolm!
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Oh how I wish I could work with you both. So far away so I will continue dreaming. Thank you for a fabulous class and superb instruction.. One quick question. Some of those lateral bends and rotations look like they could be good for mild thoracolumbar scoliosis. Any thoughts.
Mirella Martire
Love you guys
Thank you so much
Super class!!!
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Lovely class! The emphasis on fluidity is great, and I love the creative variations
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SOOOoooo lovely to see this session from Michael and Malcolm, I started my Pilates adventure with these two in 2000.. many thanks and gorgeous memories from their friendly and expressive teaching.
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Fluid, precise and focus. Thank you so much!
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lovely workout! super challenging. I am going to add some variations in my clients today :)
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