Advanced Tower Variations<br>Michael K. & Malcolm M.<br>Class 3508

Advanced Tower Variations
Michael K. & Malcolm M.
Class 3508

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Excellent workout, thank you for this great challenge :)
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Loved it thankyou Michael and Malcom
Meredith Rogers!! That was tough! Thank you for being there. Michael and Malcolm... Well done! I knew it from behind the camera, my body knows it now! Thank you for being here too!
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Absolutely love both of your queing. Amazing class!
So tough Kristi Cooper !!
But also so fun!
Love the dynamic movements. . . Thanks!
Loved the workout! Really appreciated the emphasis on fluidity, form, and adjusting to fit are clients body :)
I’ve never seen a washerwoman variation like that before, so that was super exciting! Plus some Scottish burr to boot, what could be better? Thank you Malcolm and Michael💜
wow I feel so good after doing that class, thank you!
Just wowww!!  Planning on being as strong as Meredith, soon!  Thank you Michael and Malcolm, I just added towers to my 2-reformer in home studio and I love discovering the possibilities of these beauties.  I still don't know everything I need to know about them yet, so your class was VERY helpful.  Thank you!! 
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